7 ways to keep a 7 week old comfortable, happy, and entertained

Like most first time moms I've been searching for ways to keep our little one comfortable, happy, and entertained. I feel like it is easy to keep him comfortable since he loves his rock n play, gowns, and sleep sacks. He generally is a happy little guy and doesn't require much too keep him that way. Entertainment is something I've been struggling with because until recently he didn't really appear to enjoy much. We started with board books, an activity mat, and a Manhattan Winkle. I really don't want him to be bored during the day.

Charlie's favorite things at the moment are:

#1 Boppy Pillow 
Charlie loves using the Boppy pillow to "sit up" and have tummy time. It makes it much easier for him to lift his head. He is willing to spend a lot more time on his belly when he has the Boppy. I also use it for breast feeding. Charlie loves falling asleep on it. I have to admit that it was a little too firm and high for him at first but, now that it's broken in, IT IS PERFECT! 

#2 Rock n Play
The "baby taco" is a fantastic way to keep Charlie with us as we move around he house. It is lightweight, easily collapsible, and small enough that you can maneuver around it without much difficulty. Charlie loves to nap in his "taco".

#3 Carter's Gowns
Makes bedtime diaper changes easier on both the little one and I. They are the perfect amount of clothing for the temperature in the house. Unfortunately, he is getting too long for them. 
#4 Halo Sleep Sack
The next best thing to the gown is the sleep sack! We are gradually moving from Carter's gowns to the sleep sack. Charlie enjoys kicking his feet around in it. The micro-fleece one is wonderfully snuggly. 

#5 Baby Einstein on YouTube 
These are great! Charlie loves music and the basic high contrast video playing on the screen makes tummy time bearable for him. I generally flatten out my laptop so he can see the screen when laying on his belly. These are fabulous and FREE! 
Baby Einstein-Baby Mozart Part 1
Baby Einstein-Baby Mozart Part 2 

#6 Mobiles
His various mobiles are lifesavers. He particularly loves this Nautica one on his crib. It keeps him entertained long enough for me to shower!

#7 Manhattan Winkle 
We received this as a gift from a friend and I honestly wasn't sure how the little guy would like it. However, our little one is able to grab this and drag/toss it around a bit. It is primarily accidental at this point (like he puts his hand in a ring and gets it stuck there.) But, it is nice to see him actually try to "play" with something. 
Moms, what do you do with your infant? How do you keep them entertained? 

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  1. Our baby lived in gowns at home until he got too big (he's a 17 pounder now!). I loved how easy it made diaper changing.

    We too have the Rock n Play and it's one of the most useful things we have for him.