A cookie exchange?

A few years ago, my mother started being invited to a cookie exchange party at the home of one of her friends. The women are asked to bring cookies, if they wish to take cookies home. If not, they can bring a bottle of wine or something else to share with the group. They definitely have a good time playing gift giving games and sharing conversation.

As a little girl I was always envious of the fun they had at that party. I wanted to have a party like it and I wanted to go to a party like it.

Now, I have a small apartment in Astoria but, that doesn't mean that I can't have a few friends over to celebrate the Christmas season. After talking with the hubby, we decided I would host a cookie exchange at the apartment in mid-December.

I made invitations that resemble green Christmas ornaments and have made an event page on Facebook. I am hoping to have all of the invitations handed out tomorrow. I hope people are as excited as I am. So far, I have heard back from three people saying they can't come because of other holiday parties.

Note to self: Give out invitations earlier.

It it kind of funny because my party is the night of the party that my mom goes to every year! Hopefully, I get some positive responses this coming week!

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