Holy Crow! That's some snow!

These photos do not do the situation in Astoria justice. Steinway is clear. But, other than that the roads leave much to be desired. What I do not understand is why they wouldn't just have plowed little by little. There are numerous stories about snowplows being stuck on streets throughout the city. Last night there were groups of people helping each other to get their cars out of parking spaces. You could hear them cheering when they got a car out. At many intersections, pedestrians cannot cross because the corners are not plowed/shoveled but, the sidewalks are relatively clear because the citizens are required by law to clear the snow away from their property. I am glad to hear that the weather will be warming up this weekend. Hopefully, most of this will melt.

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  1. I hear you! Most of the streets look pretty clear today, but when I arrived back from the airport yesterday many of the major streets around my area hadn't been plowed at all! Glad the trains are back up and running!