My 27th Birthday

My twenty-seventh birthday was a lot of fun.

Even though I was not at home in Maryland, I had a good time celebrating in New York.

My parents called me and sang "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone. I can't tell you how special that is. I have it saved on my cell phone, so I hope to hold on to the message for a long time.

I even had a slice of birthday cake that Pop made me for breakfast (not very healthy, but tasty!)

I went into work at the office, but the gang threw me a mini-birthday celebration, complete with pizza and chocolate cake.

I came home to a wonderful homemade dinner of manicotti, fresh bread and a fresh-baked cake from my wife. It is the first of my birthdays that we spent as a married couple, but my wife has been there for many birthdays already. Last night's dinner was great!

I also received a new outfit to wear from the wife, and lots of well wishes from my own family, my wife's family and our friends.

It was a great way to welcome my twenty-seventh year. I am very thankful for everything I have in my life, for the great day my wife put together, and my parents, without whom none of this would have ever existed.

Thanks, Mom and Pop. It was, as always, a very happy birthday.

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