Christmas is in the air!

This will be our first Christmas together as a married couple. We have started to decorate the apartment with the things that Dave's mother made us and our Advent wreath. I would like start some of our own traditions as well as maintain some of the traditions that I have had with my family.

One of the new traditions I would like to start is having a Cookie Exchange with friends to celebrate the Christmas season. I've hand made a few invitations for friends and extended invitations via Facebook. Here's hoping others are as excited as I am.

A tradition I have chosen to continue is lighting the Advent Wreath each week. This week, we lit the first candle this week and enjoyed our dinner together on Sunday night. As a kid, my mom used to have an Advent wreath on the kitchen table. When we said Grace before our meal, we would say a small prayer and light each candle. At one point, we had a chocolate Advent calendar but, that didn't seem to stick. I like the Advent wreath!

Here are some prayers for those that celebrate:

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