Coming up for air...

I never would have thought that things would be so busy.

Everything is a good busy though.

I've started my part time contract work again which is five additional hours a week. We've been out and about just about every weekend with family or friends. This weekend we are protoring the SAT on Saturday. I'm not sure if we are doing anything on Sunday, except church. I'm looking forward to Veteran's Day because I do not have to work but, I think I may try to visit some very special people that day (if they are available). The week after that I am going to a conference for the day with the principal in Philly. (Down and back, one day, YIKES!) Tonight, I am working late for the school's Open House. Grades are due next Friday. Last week, we were at a conference for three days.

The hubby has been working his usual hours (a couple of late nights during the week).

Last night, it was was nice to to just relax. We were able to eat dinner together at a normal hour. I cooked Shrimp and String Beans with Garlic Soy Sauce. It was tasty but, I still wish it was TSUBO (my favorite Japanese Restaurant on Long Island). Hopefully, we will get there soon. But, a nice dinner together is always a welcomed change from the hurried take out routine. We even cleaned a little last night!

I'm glad I decided to do the November -Give Thanks... because it lets me stop and think about what I am grateful for each day.

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