"A rich life is a life spent with others..."

Happy birthday to mommy and I!

This was my first married birthday. This was the first time my mom addressed a card to me as "Mrs." I suppose this is a monumental birthday.

The hubby and I celebrated last night with a wonderful dinner at a super yummy French restaurant. The food was absolutely incredible. This morning I was greeted with some presents, ALL OF THE GARBAGE TAKE OUT, and breakfast in bed. (Yes, I know...I am incredibly excited about the garbage being taken out as I detest doing it!)

We were very lucky to have two of my three brothers home for our birthday. One came up from DC with his girlfriend and the other came home from college for our special day. The whole kitten caboodle went to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant.

My mother and I are certainly very rich because of all of the time we got to spend with family this weekend!

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