Our Vacuum Ate a Wookie

I've been searching the internet looking for information on how to fix our vacuum. I came across another post with this title and I think it describes my situation perfectly.

This evening we tried to vacuum the apartment. Well, it appears as though my long-ish hair has broken the carpet attachment for the vacuum. Not to be gross but, my hair has wrapped itself around the turny part of the attachment and now the piece won't turn and won't suck stuff up.

My friend Sara says that you can just cut the hair off and then check the belt to see if it is broken. Unfortunately, the only belts I know about are the ones that go around your waist.

My description of the vacuum is that it is a Kenmore with a little critter thing with wheels, a tuby piece, and a sucky part. Is that helpful?

Anywho ... in the process, the hubby is fixing our doorknob which seems to be coming off the door.

Any ideas to help me fix the vacuum?

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