November - Give Thanks!

Today, I am thankful for food to eat.

This morning we proctored the SAT and were given breakfast. For lunch, we went out with our friends for German food. For dinner, we enjoyed pasta and vodka sauce that a friend gave us as a bridal shower gift.

We went to church this evening and the priest was telling us about the food pantry at the church. Last Thursday, there were twenty five families lined up to receive a bag of food. The food pantry in nearly empty and we are approaching the holiday season.

Please keep your local food pantry and those in need in your thoughts and prayer.
Would you consider giving a nonperishable item to someone in need?

Prayer for the Needy
Grant, Lord, that I may gladly share what I have with the needy, humbly ask for what I need from him who has, sincerely admit the evil I have done, calmly bear the evil I suffer, not envy my neighbor for his blessings, and thank You unceasingly whenever You hear my prayer.

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