He's Baaaack!

Yes, I've done it. I've posted for the first time in a looooong while. In fact, when I explained to the wife that I was blogging, she responded: "That's different!"

As the Girl points out, we have spent much of November doing various activities with friends and families. Last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast have tied together a theme for the weekend: FOOD...lots and lots of rich, delicious, unhealthy-but-tasty food.

Friday night was spent at a French restaurant in our neighborhood. I'm not really a fan of French food, but the entire dinner was fantastic. We had staples like French Onion soup and tried some newer dishes, such as a rich cream of mushroom soup and pan-seared duck. Very rich food, but reasonably priced considering the experience and the neighborhood. We brought one of our favorites wines (a Chilean white...probably should have been French, huh?) and even had a great dessert resembling a French twist on tiramisu.

Saturday night was price fixed and delicious. We ate at an Italian restaurant with family and enjoyed sea scallops and a rich chocolate tort with pistachio ice cream. My father used to eat pistachio pudding when I was a kid, so I thought of him when I had the dessert.

Sunday morning found us having a tasty brunch with the Girl's family. Pancakes, French toast, Eggs Benedict - in other words, the works. It was great to help cook the meal and enjoy a big family dinner, which I rarely did as a child, since I come from a smaller family.

There is, however, a down side to all this wonderful cuisine. You end up with "food coma" at the end of the day. In fact, dinner tonight is apparently a roasted turkey, so I will probably be asleep quite early tonight!

No matter, the weekend has been great so far. I only wish we could have gotten the Girl's other brother and my parents up, too. Oh well. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities in the future.

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