What I Wore Sunday - Vol. 5

This was my birthday outfit. My dress came from a local thrift shop. My boots were new. I love them so much! I decided to post this outfit because I really liked how it looked on me and it is something I could probably wear to church at some point.  

This is what Charlie wore to church this morning. Isn't he cute?

This is my outfit from church today. My shirt and pants were from the Bass outlet. My scarf was from Chinatown and I'm wearing my favorite boots from the outfit above.

Here's Charlie and I!

We are linking up with Fine Linen and Purple! 


  1. Love those boots!! Your church outfit today was really nice - the scarf is beautiful. And that dress is fantastic!!

  2. oh you two make the cutest pair!

    I love your scarf and LOVE Charlie's name :)

  3. Aww Charlie is just precious! And yes he is quite cute ;)
    I really like the purple top! And your dress for your birthday! Happy birthday btw :)
    Thanks for joining us!

  4. Great boots, great scarf and you are rocking that dress!!

  5. I really like those boots, and your right- what a perfect church outfit! The scarf in you actual church outfit is so cute!