What I Wore Sunday, vol. 3

I initially thought I wouldn't be able to link up with What I Wore Sunday this week but, I decided I would put on the same outfit again today and take the photo because I really enjoy being part of this linkup. 
This Sunday, we escaped the cold and went to Queens - where they had power and heat! We attended Mass at St. Pancras (the patron saint of teenagers!). I love the old churches in NYC. They are an absolute treat.

As a result of not being home and not thinking that Sunday would come and I would have nothing that was in my opinion - appropriate - church attire, I did the best I could. (FYI - I took the photo after I returned home to Long Island.)

Hair: Bun
Shirt: Maroon, boat neck, knit top Ann Taylor Outlet
Pants: Jeans Ann Taylor Outlet
Shoes: Merrell Boots

I need to give a special shout out to my boots because I bought them when I was headed to Galveston to help out after Hurricane Ike. They have seen me through countless blizzards in NY. And now, they are back to post Hurricane duty. They are incredibly durable, breathable, and thick soled. I have stepped on at least one nail and didn't know it till I looked at the bottom of my shoes! I <3 them! 

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  1. My husband just bought a pair of Merrell boots for his new job! And yes, he wore them to mass on Saturday night, so you're not alone. My outfit wasn't very appropriate for mass in my opinion either, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (and you have a much better excuse than I do).