7 Quick Takes

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Staten Island yesterday. We spent the day with our cousins. As always there were tons of tasty foods. This year my aunt made bacon ice cream, in addition to the pies. It was really different and really tasty. If I ever have an ice cream maker, I'll have to give it a whirl.

Thanksgiving is always a day that you reflect on the many blessings in your life. This year, I feel like we were even more grateful based on the recent Hurricane. In order to get to our Thanksgiving dinner. we had to drive through several areas completely devastated by the storm. 

We were able to Skype with my brother in Rome. While we couldn't have him with us, it was nice to be able to chat with him for awhile. The dean at the PNAC apparently wrote the American students a letter to allow them to stay home from classes yesterday. 

I cannot wait for Advent to begin this year. We purchased a "kid-friendly"Advent wreath so, Charlie can enjoy the season as well. It will be so much fun to help him put the first candle on the wreath. 

Charlie is having lots of fun spending time with his uncles this weekend. They are all rolling around on the floor together for most of the afternoon. 

I have to say that I am appalled that McDonald's was open for 24 hours yesterday. I know there are a lot of stores that are no longer observing Thanksgiving in favor of starting Black Friday shopping early but, really? McDonald's couldn't even given their employees a little break? 

We are eagerly waiting for the hubby to get home since he was the only one at our house who had to work today. I love seeing the giant smile on Charlie's face when he sees his Daddy! 


  1. It's weird on Thursday I passed a few McDonalds and some were opened and some were closed. I think the ones near the malls and stores were opened and ones that weren't were closed. I liked that our grocery store was closed. I thought that was nice :)

    1. I live in a town where the biggest store is CVS...I just don't get it.

  2. I just ordered that same advent wreath (before I even saw this post!) for Lucia for St. Nicholas day!