Ten Things I'm Grateful For Thursday

#1 - Electricity - So many people are without power right now a a result of Hurricane Sandy and Nor'ester Athena.

#2 -  Heat - It is so cold. I cannot imagine how cold it must be without heat.

#3 - Good friends - Our good friends put us up over the weekend so we could be warm and have power after the storm.

#4 - My hubby - He has come home early from work the past few days to make sure he was here with Charlie and I. We even got to build a snowman together today!

#5 - Creativity - I've been doing a lot of sewing to help take my mind off of the terrible things going on in this area. During the hurricane, I was able to knit a scarf. Creativity helps calm my nerves.

#6 - My sweet little boy - He is an absolute joy and brings so much happiness to my life. He has mastered sitting up and loves "talking" with us every chance he gets.

#7 - Generosity of others - Several friends have sent gift cards, prayers, and well wishes to our family friends who lost everything. Their generosity means so much to Pat & Vinny.

#8 - Gasoline - We have been able to fill up our car so, the hubby can get to work. Starting tomorrow they will be rationing here. Hopefully, we continue to be provided with what we need.

#9 - Shelter - We have a home to live in. We have a roof over our head.

#10 - Nature - This may be strange after getting our "keysters" (sp?) kicked by Hurrican Sandy and Nor'easter Irene but, nature is such an amazing thing. Whether it is the natural gift of life or playing in the snow with Charlie, nature is truly mind blowing.

*Bonus - The right to vote! We have the ability to go to the polls and cast our votes. Regardless of who we voted for, we exercised a right that a lot of people in other countries do not have.

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