Thirty Things I'm Thankful For

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I find it hard to believe that we are already a week away from Thanksgiving. It is the perfect time to reflect on what I am Thankful for. Many of these things are things that I take for granted on a daily basis. The events of the few weeks really put things into perspective. For example, yesterday was both my birthday and my mother's birthday, we went out to dinner to celebrate. While we were at dinner at a local restaurant, two power restoration crews were there eating as well. One was from Canada and another was from Tennessee. We got to talking and learned that for the first few nights they were here they were sleeping in their trucks because they had no where to stay since, all the hotels were fill with people who were displaced for one reason or another. Finally, a few local churches opened their doors and have been providing temporary housing to the power crews while they are here. These individuals never complained that they had  no where to rest after working 12+ hour shifts. They simply indicated that they were here to help where they could. For this we are truly grateful.

As I look around me today these are some of the things I am grateful for:

1. My Husband who provides  me with love and support

2. My Son who brings me so much joy

3. My Parents who allow us to stay in their home

4. My In Laws who graciously give of their resources to help us when we need it

5. My brothers who I can always count on to provide laughter

6. My ability to breast feed my son which allows me to provide him with the very best nourishment

7. My faith which keeps me strong

8. My health which allows me to care for my son

9. Shelter that keeps us out of the elements each day

10. Electricity that allows us to have light and heat
11. Heat that keeps us from freezing on cold nights
12. Good friends that house us when we need a warm place to go

13. Nature's ability to repair itself after a disaster

14. Parks that provide respite on weekends

15. Beaches that allow us to enjoy the sun and water

16. Being able to stay home with Charlie

17. My husband's job that provides us with the funds we need
18. Health insurance that allows us to seek medical attention
19. Medical professionals that tend to us when we are ill
20. Sunsets and sunrises that indicate God's love for us

21. Creativity that allows me to create things that bring joy to others

22. Food that provides us nourishment

23. Free time that allows me to rest
24. My car that provides me with transportation
25. Education that gave us jobs and the intellectual capacity to be effective in those jobs
26. Freedom to work and play as we see fit

27. Being able to live in a safe neighborhood
28. Police and Fire personnel that keep us safe
29. Generosity of those around us that makes our days easier
30. Technology that allows us to share our gratefulness


  1. I love your son's bear outfit and those cards you made! I hope you all are doing okay up there!!

  2. I second #27...I often take that for granted, even though it isn't a given in this world. What a wonderful list!