A wonderful day with the hubby.

Yesterday, the hubby was off for Veteran's Day. I am absolutely loving his new job because he gets time off (other than on Saturday and Sunday). Since graduating law school, he has worked for private firms that do not appreciate "time off". During the last few weeks, he was given two days off for Hurricane Sandy, one day off for Election Day, and Veteran's Day off! We have always enjoyed our time together but, I feel like now that Charlie is here it is even more important for the hubby to have time off to spend with our little guy. They have such a great time horsing around and  playing together. Charlie makes the most adorable little squeals when they are playing on the floor. I love it!

We were able to celebrate my birthday a day early by taking Charlie to Northport to walk around and see the boats. The weather was absolutely beautiful so, we tried to take advantage of it. There are so many nice shops to browse. It seemed like it was take your guitar to the park day because there were so many people out playing and singing. I feel like people are truly grateful that the water in that part of the town has receded and we are once again able to enjoy the beautiful water.

After our Northport visit, we went to my favorite little thrift store in Huntington village and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a new restaurant. We had a great day together. It was nice to just hang out.

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