7 Quick Takes Friday

1- Our visit with the hubby's parents last weekend was lots of fun. We went to Jack Halyards in Oyster Bay for dinner with my mom and the hubby's parents. They had a great prix fixe menu with a ton of choices. I can't wait to go back there again. An added bonus was that they use opentable.com for reservations so I didn't even have to call them! We definitely didn't really need reservations but, I'd rather be safe.

2- It seems like grades are ALWAYS due! I feel like we just got finished with the high school semester grades and then middle school interim grades were due. It's a little crazy.

3- The weather is beautiful! Two days of close to sixty degrees. We actually made it to 62 today in Central Park. I am so glad the weather is nice and we haven't had a lot of snow. (We had one day and we weren't even home for it!) I have been telling my boss since the weather got cold that I certainly would not be coming in if it was snowing. Looks like I've lucked out so far!

4- We are spending Super Bowl weekend prepping my parents house for our big move in May. On Sunday, our friends Matt and Sara are going to come over and help us move some furniture. Afterward, we'll watch the game.  (Go Giants!)

5- Words with Friends on Facebook has become a slight addiction. It seems like more and more people are playing. It's fun to be able to play with all different people. Generally, they are people that I never would have played with before. I wish they had a platform that would allow students in different schools to play one another. I think it would be really neat for kids to get that kind of experience.

6- OOO! My work family scheduled my baby shower for March 16th! I'm super excited that we will get to celebrate the arrival of our little one with my friends and work. We spend so many hours together and we truly have weather many storms together. I love the idea of having this time set aside for our little one.

7- Thursday was an incredible day at work. My "at-risk" class made significant progress with regard to the realization that they understand more when they come to school regularly. Many of them were talking about getting more involved in the Title 1 program and are looking forward to the addition of Title 1 math next year. (Long story as to why we can't have it this year.) I've been battling a cold and they were my motivation to come to work and stay the day. They truly made it worthwhile. They are great kids...now if I could only get them up to grade level with their math skills we'd be made in the shade.

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  1. One of my husband's parishioners in Montana taught Title I. It was fun because she and I used to brainstorm ways to make them apply their math.