Meatless Meal: Baked Ziti With Eggplant

(Easy, meatless, inexpensive)

-1 box of ziti
-15 oz of ricotta cheese
-1 bottle of tomato sauce (You could make your own but, for convenience I went with store bought.)
-1 small block of mozzarella cheese (cubed), reserve a few slices for the top
-Grated parmesan cheese (to taste)
-1 medium eggplant cut into cubes

Preheat the oven to 350. Prepare ziti as directed on the box. Be careful not to over cook it because it will continue to cook in the oven. Mix the ziti with ½ of the tomato sauce so it doesn’t stick together. Meanwhile, sauté the eggplant with olive oil and garlic in a pan until it is just cooked (not too mushy, not too hard).  Put a bit of tomato sauce down in the bottom of the casserole dish. Mix the eggplant, the ziti, the mozzarella cheese and the ricotta cheese together. Spoon the mixture into the casserole dish.  Top with left over mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. Cover with silver foil. Bake until bubbly.

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  1. YUMMY this is my sisters favorite type of eggplant :) Thanks for linking up!