7 Quick Takes

1- This week is "February Break" in NY. Schools are closed! Basically, this means I've had the luxury of being on vacation ALL WEEK LONG! I've been running errands while working in some time with friends. It has been wonderful!

2- The BEST part of this week is that the hubby was able to take today off so, we can spend the day together. Of course, we have absolutely no plans. Unfortunately, it is raining so that puts a damper on many of the outdoor options for the day but, I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

3- Yesterday, I used a gift certificate I got for a prenatal massage, mani, and pedi. It was wonderful! I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't want anything to harm the baby. But, it worked out beautifully and it felt great!

4- I have officially finished changing my name. (Yes, I know it took over a year and a half.) In NYC, if you live in Brooklyn or Queens you have to go to the "local" social security office. Unfortunately for Queens, ours in in Jamaica. (Not a place, I want to go by myself.) After speaking at length with the guy at the 1800 number for social security, it was determined that if you are just changing your name (NOTHING ELSE) you can go to any social security office. Therefore, I could go to the one on Long Island. Yay!

5- This week I got to spend time with my friend from high school and her three month old son. It was so much fun! We were making all kinds of silly plans for the summer once our little one comes along. I can't believe how close it is getting.

6- The baby's room is officially empty. Now, I have to decide whether to paint the room blue or stick with beige like the other room. If I could just make up my mind I would be able to get on my way.

7- I'm not sure why but I have decided that it is easy to take care of our little one while he is still inside. I guess I'm just getting nervous about his arrival. Oh well, I enjoy our special time together where I don't have to share him!

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  1. My friend who lives in NYC was complaining about all the kids at ash wednesday mass bc school was out. When I do get married I know I'll be DREADING doing all that paperwork. Especially since so much of it is only opened 9-5 m-f so you have to take MORE time off work to get it done.