Our Wedding Cake

From the time I was little, I have loved cannoli cake. Therefore, I was sure my wedding cake would have cannoli filling whenever the time came.

Our Cake Topper:
The hubby and I went to college together and as freshmen (Spring 2001) got a Madam Alexander Bride and Groom in our Happy Meals at the McDonalds in Downtown Scranton. Ironically, five years later when we were planning our wedding we had discovered we saved them. We decided it would be best to put them on the side of our cake rather than on top because we weren't sure they would fit but we wanted them included.

Our Cake Design:
Our cake was designed and baked by St. Honore Pastry Shop in Port Washington, NY. We were referred to them by the wedding planner for our venue. They honored every one of our requests. Our cake was four tiers with two different fillings and two different layers of cake in each tier. The fillings were cannoli cream and mocha. The cake was two layers of chocolate and one of vanilla. The cake was covered in fondant and a hand drawn scroll design. Our wedding was nautically themed and therefore, we had white chocolate seashells and starfish topping the cake as well as cascading down the front of the cake.

It was so tasty! Even one year later, after freezing it, it was amazing!

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  1. Beautiful beatutiful cake! So impressive! Looks like your wedding was beautiful ! Thanks for linking up girl !