7 Quick Takes Friday! (err Sunday)

1- Obviously the week got away from me, I started writing this post on Wednesday because I thought things would be a little crazy toward the end of the week. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it didn't work out.

2- Last weekend, we stayed in Newport, RI despite the 10 inches of snow. We enjoyed ourselves and our accommodations were beautiful! We look forward to going again when the weather is nice. Maybe with our little one in tow?

3- This weekend the hubby's parents came for a short visit. We enjoyed our time together and are grateful that they had a safe and quick ride to and from MD. I believe the next time we will see them is in two short months for my BABY SHOWER!

4- No, the baby shower is not a surprise. I asked my mom to tell me when it was so that way I could be prepared. There are just some days that I really don't want to do anything and with my luck it would fall on the day of my surprise shower. lol So, I have enjoyed being part of the planning and look forward to the special day all of the women in my life get to celebrate the impending arrival of our little one.

5- Last Saturday, our family welcomed my sweet cousin. My only female cousin gave birth to her second child and adorable little boy named James. We are all so excited! Today, we went to visit and he is just so wonderful!

6- I love all of the little infant outfits that come with animal hats and feet. Carter's had a bunch of them. Precious little James was sporting his monkey outfit today. Our friend Carolyn gifted us an outfit that has a ducky hat and ducky feet on the pants. I can't wait to see our little one in it.

7- This week is the hubby's last CLE class which means that he will be able to come home at a reasonable hour again on Wednesdays. For the last three weeks I've been picking him up at the subway around 10 PM.

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