7 Quick Takes Friday!

1-The Happiest Baby On the Block (video & book) - A new mom friend of mine lent us her copy of this book and my mom got us the video from the library. I found the book to be much more useful than the video however, the video was only about a half hour long. If you are pressed for time, the video gives you the essentials.
To Summarize: Soothe a crying baby by swaddling, "sushing", holding them on their side/stomach, sucking, and swinging.

2-We have decided on a nautical themed nursery. I know mobile's aren't necessary but, one of the only things I remember about my brother's cribs was that they had cute mobiles. I'd like our son to have a cute sailboat mobile above his crib. There are several posted on Babies R Us but, there are all kinds of adorable ones on Etsy.

3- Packages! We received several baby packages this week. It is so exciting! Our crib arrived as well as both pieces of our carriage. We will keep everything boxed/packed up for awhile but, it's good to know we are getting closer to having ourselves set for the arrival of our little one.

4- Finding time to scrapbook for the baby /Finding time to fill out a baby book once the baby is born / Finding time to make burp cloths and receiving blankets for the baby are all things that I'd love to do but just cannot manage to find time for now, let alone once the little guy is here. It should be interesting to figure out how to find time for all of these little things.

5- What to do about going back to work/Obtaining part time employment - One of the other things we've been mulling over is when/whether I will go back to work in September. I don't think I will be ready to go back full time but, there are lots of part time positions around so, we'll see where the road takes us. It will definitely be a bit adjustment either way.

6- Babycenter.com/thebump.com/whattoexpect.com - There are so many baby websites! I have found that  Babycenter.com is more helpful than the other ones. Thebump.com was just too much negativity for me at the beginning and not much in the way of actual information. I am fairly new to whattoexpect.com however I am not finding it useful. I love the book What to Expect when You're Expecting just for the basic information but, the website seems not to be as useful to me.

7- We are so excited! This weekend our good friends, Sara and Matt, and the hubby and I are headed up to Newport overnight for an overnight getaway. We got a fantastic deal at Newport Beach Hotel & Suites and figured why not take the opportunity to get away. The website looks beautiful! It will be great to get away!


  1. Getting packages in the mail makes it so real, doesn't it? I vividly remember getting our stroller in the mail and taking it downstairs to assemble. I couldn't stop looking at it! Now that stroller is beat-up and dirty and very, very well used. But the memory of that day makes me smile.

    1. It's incredible how real it is...we are trying very hard to be patient and not open everything until closer to the due date. Thanks for commenting on our blog!