Marriage Lesson of the Day

We are preparing for my inlaws visit this weekend by cleaning up around the apartment. I must admit I haven't been the greatest at keeping up with chores since I've been pregnant. So, needless to say, we have a lot of work to do in order to make the place presentable to company. I thought I'd start cleaning by doing something easy... (Obviously that was my first mistake.)

I grabbed the vacuum cleaner, put down the powder, and turned in on. Of course, the vacuum cleaner wasn't sucking. The hubby had it in his first apartment about two years before we were married so, it's possible it finally gave up. However, what we didn't realize was that we had NEVER changed the bag!

So, I opened the canister and sure enough the bag was full and backing up through the hose. Now, next problem. Do we have vacuum bags? Well, we remembered the hubby's parents giving us some when  they gave us the vacuum cleaner. We just had to remember where they ended up after having been moved three different times. After careful deliberation, we figured out where the bags were.

I was shocked to find out that the only directions on the bags were look at the owner's manual for the vacuum cleaner. Since I had taken the bag out already, I just put in back in in the reverse order that that I took it out. SUCCESS! Our vacuum cleaner is working better than ever before!

It's the little things that get me excited. lol

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