Ten Years Later

Ten years ago, the hubby and I were three weeks into our first year at the University of Scranton. I had never been away from home before and I had never wanted to go home more than I did that day. When I left my small town on Long Island, all was well. Everyone was getting ready to go back to school. On 9/11/2001, our neighborhood was changed forever. In the days that followed, I received e-mails from my mother about who had passed away and who was still missing. Our little chapel was full to the brim.

In the weeks that followed, church attendance dwindled and life returned to the new normal that was post 9/11. The hubby and I are trying to have a quiet weekend together with my family on the island. Yesterday, we walked to church so, we could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Today, we got our egg sandwiches and newspaper from the American Deli. We are enjoying time together. We are grateful to be here with those we love.

At church yesterday, the priest's sermon was about forgiveness. We must forgive those around us. I felt that this was an incredibly appropriate sermon for this weekend. This is an enormous challenge. How can we forgive those who killed so many people? But, we must. We are told to forgive those who trespass against us so, that we can be forgiven.

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