7 Quick Takes Friday

Conversion Diary
I couldn't be happier that it is Friday. My students have been singing the "it's Friday" song all week. They heard part of a song on the radio that includes the words "it's Friday" over and over again. I generally allow them to sing it when they are on their way out of the building on Friday's. The best part of this Friday at work was that we held a dress down day as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. One of our fellow faculty members is fighting Breast Cancer and we will be walking in her honor on Oct. 16th. 
I am so excited that the Fall weather finally arrived last night as a result of lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. I can't wait to break out the sweaters and corduroy pants. I love being snuggled up under warm blankets and enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks (guilty pleasure)! 
The hubby is headed home from work and I think I'm going to make some chicken parmesan for dinner. It has always been one of his favorite meals and I don't make it too often but, I have the energy and the ingredients so he's in luck! 
Last night we watched Big Bang Theory and I couldn't believe my eyes when Blossom showed up on the screen. At first I only recognized her voice but, then I did a Google search and was shocked to find out that she is a regular on that show. Not to mention she is one academically accomplished lady! You should check out here wikipedia page! 
I'm hoping to be able to help my dad plant the daffodil bulbs for next Spring tomorrow but, due to circumstance beyond our control that may not be able to happen. Please pray that justice is done and ethics prevail.
Sunday I will be celebrating a milestone in a beautiful friend of mine's life. I will certainly share more after the event but, it is a surprise! I know she doesn't read my blog but still I wouldn't want to be the one that ruins it! 
I am beginning to make my Fall bucket list: 
-pick apples 
-go to Westchester to see the leaves change
-bake a pumpkin pie 
-bake an apple pie/apple brown betty 

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  1. I've never been a fall person, I love summer, but now that I live in a place where there aren't harsh winters, I'm kind of looking forward to fall. Before, fall was just a reminder that winter was coming! Sounds like you have some neat things planned for fall.