Shopping for a church

The hubby and I have been married for a little over a year (one year and two months to be exact) but, we haven't registered at a church. We attend church every Sunday at the same parish and have not registered. Some of the issue with registering is that the rectory is only open limited hours and when they are open late I feel badly disturbing them at night. The hubby really thinks that we should go and register together. (I know registering as a family for the first time is kind of important but, I'm not sure it makes sense to keep putting it off until we are both available at a time that is acceptable to the church.) I really just want to register and be officially part of our parish. Prior to being married, I had been part of the same parish since I was three. Does registering really make that big of a difference? No, you get envelopes but, on the other hand you are no longer an anonymous participant who shows up on Sunday. Oh well, just something I was thinking about today as another Sunday is approaching. Happy Friday Eve All!

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