Fantastic Students and Fantastic Germs

So, I thought this week would be my first full week of school until last night. Last night, I ended up at the doctor for the second time this week. Two days ago I was diagnosed with Strep Throat and last night I was diagnosed with Pink Eye! Yay for me! My in laws came in this week (until Monday) to go to a friend of ours Golden Jubilee with Maryknoll. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be able to go since I look like something that crawled out of the Gowanus Canal. The good news is at least the Strep Throat has started to go away so, I am less miserable. I am headed to my mom's later today so, I don't get the hubby and my in laws sick. (Thanks mommy!) There's nothing like having your mother take care of you when you aren't feeling well.

In other news, I can officially say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my middle school students! They are so smart and LOVE to learn! It is wonderful. (The only downside seems to be they come complete with germs.) Each student had to bring in Purel and Clorox wipes. Unfortunately, despite my love of Clorox it didn't seem to work on these super duper germs. I clean my house with Vinegar and baking soda. Maybe I should bring some to school?

What is really weird about the Strep throat/pink eye combo is that I am not the only person I know right now in this situation. Another woman that's friends with my mom has it and a coworker's son has it. It's really crazy! Of course, my mother is claiming this is the beginning of an epidemic.

Off to go take some more medicine and rest until I head to mommy's house!

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