Weather and Other Random Thoughts

This week we have had strong winds and heavy rain, freezing temperatures, warm sunshine, and snow! The weather definitely needs to pick one!

As I am writing this, I am sitting in my favorite place in the apartment, the long kitchen window. The sun is strong and I am curled up on our "fancy" chair soaking it all up. I have to say that I feel a little bit like a cat or a nosy old lady watching everyone on the street below. Either way, it's fantastic!!!

This week is midterm week for my students. This means that I proctor many tests, grade many tests, and go home early. This year is the first year that we are no longer giving regents so I am allowed to reap the benefits of early dismissal.

I LOVE BEING HOME IN DAYLIGHT!!! Not only do I get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine beaming through my windows BUT I get great parking. (Fellow city dwellers know how important this is.) One of the other benefits of being home at lunch time is that "He" is able to come home for lunch so we get to spent extra time together during the day.

As a treat, we walked to Pita Pan. It has become one of my favorite take out places. Their slogan is "fresh, fast, and tasty". They live up to every part of that slogan. My favorite things to order there are the chicken gyro and the falafel. They offer them in single and double size. The single size is more than enough for one person because you get all of the typical fixings and FRIES stuffed inside. YUM!

I can't wait to see what this weekend has in for us as his parents are coming for a visit and we have our third precana meeting on Sunday.

For those of you who don't know, precana is a class for engaged couples preparing for marriage in the Roman Catholic Church. It is done differently across the U.S. but, our parish is having it for four consecutive Sundays after the 5pm Mass. It has been a very interesting experience that has brought us closer together as a couple. This program has forced us to discuss things that otherwise may have been brushed under the rug. Neither one of us were particularly keen on attending this program but, it has been extremely interesting.

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