East River!!!

Well, at least right next to it. We took a walk to Socrates Sculpture Park, which for anyone unfamiliar with Astoria, is located right along the East River across from Roosevelt Island. While walking along the river, you can see the Roosevelt Island lighthouse.

The Park includes various types of artwork and sculpture (naturally) and is a relaxing place to unwind. It is situated in an area that once held factories but is now home to lofts, condos and other signs of "gentrification." There are positives and negatives to this process for a city (or in this case a borough). Nonetheless, on our way to the Park, we saw a literal sign that Queens is still, in fact, Queens.

Ahh, parking problems: the gift that keeps on giving.

Besides the very "New York" sign, we took some great pictures of the Manhattan skyline. It's a beautiful view and we both hope to spend a lot of time "down by the river" in the future.

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