This Week's Apartment Improvements

I took a sick day this week because I really wasn't feeling well. But, I tend to get antsy toward the end of the day. I decided I would finally hang the vintage sign that we got in Montauk the weekend we got engaged. The sign reads, " Montauk - Memories that last a lifetime." We both loved the sign because there are two people painted sitting on a beach that looked like us. Everytime I did something my grandmother used to tell me, "Make a memory." Needless to say, the sign hanging in our bedroom reminds me not only of our completely magical weekend in Montauk but, of my grandmother.

Over the weekend, my mother gave us a basket to keep our coffee in because when you sit at the table the coffee tends to fall on you. I decided the basket was a bit plain and didn't fit the decor of our apartment. So, I fixed it up! I borrowed a friend's glue gun and put some plaid ribbon on it. I looks really cute!

We continue to be blessed by the generosity of others. On Monday, we received two dining room chairs from a friend. They are beautiful!!! (Since I was silly and forgot the camera, I borrowed this picture from the internet of what they look like.)

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