Himalaya Teahouse: A Review

Last Friday, we went to Himalaya Teahouse with a friend from work. After much deliberation (meaning no one wanted to make a decision), we settled on this restaurant because no one had tried Himalayan/Tibetan food and it was nearby, meaning that we didn't have to lose our parking spot.

On to the review: the restaurant itself is very tiny. It has one server and one cook and is decorated with photographs, courtesy of a local photographer. You can even purchase the artwork on the walls. Needless to say, interesting but not very exciting. Still, some of the best restaurants focus on the food, not the atmosphere. We were given menus and water and set about choosing our meals for the evening.

We ordered a Soba noodle plate (buckwheat noodles common in TIbet), Himalaya Shamdey (a stir-fry dish with an allegedly Indian flavor) and Tibetan Thupka (a type of soup).

Check out the pictures of the food.

Looks good, right? Well, it was good...but not great. The food was underwhelming. We were expecting something flavorful and dynamic, and while the food was fine, it was kind of bland, which we were not expecting. It didn't seem like any of us really enjoyed our meal, but no one hated it, either.

I guess it's not a glittering review to say that you didn't really like it, but it didn't make you violently ill either. We all decided to give the place another try. Maybe next time we'll order dumplings and try something else. There's still hope for the Teahouse yet.

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