The Ides of....February?

So I realized that we hadn't posted anything about the beginning of this month.

So here's a quick recap: Mom & Dad made a trip up and brought us a beautiful "new" chair. I say "new" because it is actually a chair that I played under (yes, under) as a child. It's vintage '60s and my parents have had it forever, ever since we got it from an uncle of mine. The chair previously had an orange covering over the cushions, but my parents found a little sewing shop in MD where they had it redone with new fabric, designed to match the sea motif in our place. It was a wonderful way to dress up an old chair with a lot of sentimental value and it looks great in the house.

The fiance's dad and my folks both brought rugs. We now have an Oriental rug in the living room and a great rope rug in the bedroom, with another matching rope rug to follow. The place is really coming along well.

Lastly, we had our last class of Pre-Cana. As the fiance pointed out, it's a marriage preparation course for Catholics prior to the actual ceremony. Our experience was pretty positive. The presenters (meaning married couples who direct the program) were pleasant and made the evenings go quickly. It was the right mix of religion with everyday marriage advice and some suggestions of how to begin married life together. We even got a wedding cross at Mass at the end of the program. While neither of us was interested in the idea initially, we discovered that the program was helpful and that it was kind of fun, in a way. It was funny to see how some of the other couples had similar life experiences to us, and how well we actually know one another.

I guess that sums up the beginning of the month...along with a MASSIVE snowfall on the East Coast, which managed to cancel work for both of us...I love the snow.

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