Valentine's Day 2010 (Actually #7 for Us, But Who's Counting?)

So it turns out that we've spent 7 Valentine's Days together. Our first Valentine's Day was spent with the Girl's little brother. Needless to say, the last 6 versions have been good, but never on February 14th of any year. Apparently, one of our accidental traditions is that we never celebrate it on the right day.

Nonetheless, Valentine's Day 2010 did not disappoint. True to form, we started the day (February 13th) with gifts. The Girl got flowers, new jewelry and a Brooklyn Bagel breakfast, while the Guy got a new tie, dark chocolate and a very sweet card. Best of all, both of us got each other gifts from the same local store without knowing it, a little spot called Candy Plum. So far, so good.

The day continued with a quick lunch at home, followed by a lazy afternoon of movies and Wii. While it may sound boring to some people to sit around all day and vegetate, with our lives being as stressed and as hectic as they sometimes are, having a day to detox and being together is sometimes all you need. Horribly cliched? Maybe, but cliches are cliches for a reason, right?

We went (read "ran") to Mass and then had dinner at Taste of Thai, a restaurant that we decided to try for the first time. We had noodles (Pad Thai and Pad See-Ew) which were among the best we've had in terms of Thai cuisine. The food wasn't too spicy, but just enough for flavor.

Afterward, we got some cupcakes for dessert and made a stop at Best Yet Market. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Okay, so it's just a supermarket, but if you've ever lived in an urban environment, and you grew up in the 'burbs, you know that the grocery stores are NOT the same in both locations. Typically, urban markets are convenient and walkable, but don't necessarily carry the foods or brands you'd actually want to buy. You tend to make do with what they have, mainly because there's nothing else and everyone carries the same stuff. That, and in the suburbs, the markets tend to have lots of products, but there's a catch. You have to drive...everywhere...every time...even for a gallon of milk!

Well, Best Yet has somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,567 types of beer, ice cream, pastries, meats and other delights. Yes, I know, not actually that many, but it's like a better version of a Super Stop-n-Shop right in Astoria! Although we went there at night, we picked up a couple of things and walked around. We'll definitely be spending lots of time here in the future. It's a nice taste of suburbia in the "urban jungle" that Astoria can sometimes be.

I guess it's about time to call it a day for Valentine's Day '10. By this time next year, the fiance and I will be married...I wonder if we'll start celebrating on the 14th of February?

Nah. Why mess with a good thing.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Tim and I have also decided to avoid celebrating on the actual day. Everything is so crowded. We cooked dinner at home and had a romantic evening Wednesday before. :) It is your first and last engaged Valentine's Day! Woo hoo!