Reflection on the end of Pre-Cana

I've been wanting to blog for a looong time and it just seems that I never exactly get around to it.

Let's travel back in time to Super Bowl Sunday. It was an incredible day. We finished Pre-Cana. At the beginning, I thought it would be endless but, it ended up being four weeks of talking with one another and growing closer as a couple. I was quite proud of us that we did the reading and the discussions. It has encouraged us to explore our faith as a couple rather than as individuals. Overall the experience was great! Looking back on it, I kind of miss it.

During the Mass celebrating the end of Pre-Cana, a couple that was married 68 years renewed their wedding vows. They were the grandparents of the canter and parents of a very active member in the parish. It was inspiring to see these two older people who still had so much life and love in them. As they stood before the altar, they both had canes in their hands. However, when they walked down the aisle to leave the church, they handed the canes to the priest and walked out hand in hand. It was beautiful!

The couple was asked to say a few words to the Pre-Cana couples. The older man said with a grin: Men - work as many jobs as you can, that's how you make a marriage last. Of course, we had a good laugh. The older woman said - marriage is wonderful...just wonderful.

I can't wait until July! We have so much to look forward to and can't wait to share it with our friends and family!

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