Snow Days Are Awesome...Right?

So I got my second snow day of the new year today due to the small blizzard that took place in our area. Granted, I love the idea of a three-day weekend as much as the next guy. But the problem is that everything at work gets backed up. Clients usually don't like the idea of "Well, it snowed too much, so we closed the office." Besides, it's easier to deal with the work during the week so you can completely relax on the weekend. Still, it's a chance for the fiancee and me to relax and hang out together.

We went out for a quick breakfast this morning to survey the damage. The verdict? Lots of snow, not many plows. Oh well. We watched a father and son playing in the snow outside while we received much needed repairs to our place. Ironically, the repairmen came when the weather was worst. Watching the father and son reminded me of doing the same thing with my dad as a child. I wish life could be that simple again. But of course, things change.

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