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The big news is my brother (the oldest of the three boys) got engaged on Thursday!! YAY! The happy couple came up to visit us this weekend. We enjoyed celebrating with them.

My youngest brother came home from London and surprised Charlie with a Paddington Bear who is about the same size as he is. Charlie is enjoying playing with his uncle and the bear.

It is so much fun to watch Charlie grow up. I can't believe how many more sounds he is making. His sounds definitely mean something because they are different in different situations. For example, my friend Patti has a dog named Charlie and whenever my Charlie seeing him he lets out this chirping noise that I only hear when he is near the dog.

Charlie definitely wants to walk he just can't seem to get the balance down. He is flying back and forth using this plastic push toy but, whenever he realizes he isn't holding on he sits down very carefully so as not to hurt himself. He still really enjoys playing with his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House. He loves playing "a boo" (peek a boo) - even at 5 AM. I love when he thinks he is hiding because he has a tiny toy in front of his eyes.

We have been searching for a more permanent place to live. Not sure where we will end up but, hopefully we'll have some idea soon. For the next two years or so, we'll be in NY until the hubby can wave into a new state. 

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