Five Favorites

First, I want to congratulate Hallie on the birth of her very own little Charlie! (I have to say I think she picked a great name.) Second, I want to congratulate Jen on the birth of her little man and ask for some prayers for Jen and her son as he's having some health issues right now.

And for the moment you've all been waiting for...

My Favorites

  1. The weather - It has been close to 80 for the last three days which means beach and playground time for the little man and I.
  2. Charlie - This has been an amazing week for the little man. He has started walking holding my hands. He enjoys digging in the sand with his shovel. He also enjoys trying to eat the rocks on the beach. He is wearing shoes and he hates them just like his momma. (I'm going to have to start to wear shoes/flip flops more often to teach him they truly aren't so terrible.)
  3. Discovering that making mom friends at the playground involves a pickup line: "How old is your little one?" It seems that this is code for, "Hey, I would really like to have an adult conversation with someone. Want to chat? Maybe, if you are normal, we could have a cup of coffee sometime."
  4. Charlie's favorite: The parachute at Little Gym. He absolutely adored standing in the center of the parachute while everyone went around in a circle singing "The Wheels on the Bus".
  5. Charlie's favorite: BUBBLES! He is really getting into popping the bubbles and tracking them down as they come out of the wand.

    I am linking up with Hallie today! 


  1. So true about "How old is your little one?" It's really awkward for me though. (I'm not usually the asker, I'm the answerer and then I don't know how to continue the conversation.)

  2. Oh, I know all about the momma pickup lines. I've asked them, been asked them myself, and they have definitely led to one momma friend. (Still working on that.) A good one is also, "How long has he/she been walking?" (I was asked this wayyy before my baby ever started walking, but she's been cruising and pulling up for a while.)