Five Favorites

Little Gym

Awhile ago a Beach Bum & Baby wrote about how her little one loved Little Gym. Then, a friend of mine was RAVING about Little Gym. Well, Charlie went to his first "Birds" class this morning and LOVED IT! We have been taking advantage of all of the free classes these places offer in hopes of finding something that would keep him entertained and active for the entire time. He loved every minute of it. He used almost all of the equipment and the staff was so willing to help. We signed up for the rest of the school year. Can't wait to go back later this week for open gym time! 


When we're on the go, we love the food pouches that you can squeeze directly into the child's mouth. No spoons necessary! While it's not homemade food, I can still get organic pouches. (Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa who brought a bunch for Charlie!) Some of our favorite brands are Plum Organics, Happy Yogi, Earth's Best & Peter Rabbit Organics.

Apparently, Target has a kit to make your own "squeezies". I may have to look into that. However, I'm still searching for reusable "squeezies" so I can put my own food in and not have the waste from the disposable pouches.

If you find the need to use a spoon with the pouches, there are Plum Organics makes little spoons that attach to the end and come in a convenient case so you don't lose them in your diaper bag (as I inevitably always do).

Oshkosh B'gosh

They had an AMAZING $1.99 sale on Fall/Winter clothes. I was able to score a bunch of great tops and sweatshirts for the little guy. If you have a store nearby, it's definitely worth stopping in to see if they have anything left.

Russell Stover Marshmallow Bunny

So, I normally have an undying love for all things chocolate peanut butter (read Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Eggs, Pumpkins, Christmas Trees, etc.). I've found something new (to me)! These are super yummy AND apparently they make them for almost every holiday. YAY!

My mom comes home from London today! I get to pick her up from the airport in just under two hours! It will be so nice to have her home.

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  1. Yes to #1 and #2!

    We had Ellen at a place called My Gym in MN. She still sings the songs and asks to go there every time we get in the car. It makes me so sad! Maybe I will check out Little Gym to make her happy again :)

  2. My son spent his childhood in OshGosh. Love that company. Such sturdy and well made clothing.