Do you "like" your job?

I've had two real jobs since graduating college. First, I was a teacher. Now, I'm a mother. I can honestly say I enjoyed both jobs. Of course, there are challenging days when you wish you could move to a tropical paradise with a swim up bar but, all in all I loved my jobs.

I ran into someone today who works in a service capacity with small children and parents. I've met her and chatted with her several times. The more time I spend with her the more it seems that she dislikes small children. It appears that she thinks she's not there to work with the kids. In fact, she does everything in her power not to interact with the small children. She pawns off activities that are definitely her job on others in her place of employment.

I hope that her outward appearance is only a coincidence...

This experience made my think of how I appear to others. Do I appear to be happy with my place in life? Or, do I appear angry and exhausted? Your outward appearance isn't everything but, it certainly leaves a lasting impression on others.

I need to make more of an effort to let the positive parts of my job as a mother show through the mounds of dirty diapers, laundry, and dishes that greet me each day. No, everything is not all sunshine and rainbows but, I have a great kid with whom I'm happy to be able to stay home. I get to see all of his smiles, hear all of his laughs, and wipe all of his tears because I am blessed to be with him each day, all day long.

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  1. I so know what you are coming from. I hear way too often how people hate their job. And I can't really blame them. In this economy jobs are few and far in between. I can say in the first time in my life I actually love what I do. I argue with myself b/c I'm only part-time and it's not a lot of money but being miserable at work SUCKS. So for now i'll stick with it and see what happens.