Valentine's Day Books and Crafts for Your Little One

A few weeks ago, I started blogging for Syosset Patch. Here is my Valentine's Day post:

One of his favorite things is to rip up tissue paper. This is perfect for these adorable little heart suncatchers I found the other day. One of the reasons I like this activity is that he can do it with minimal help and once you have the supplies you can adapt it for just about any holiday. 

Handprints/footprints are one of my favorite ways to remember holidays. They are also a super cute way to make a card for a friend or loved one. (Just remember to paint only one hand at a time.) 

During my student teaching we used this poem on the inside (I don't remember where it came from.): 
This isn't just a Valentine
As you can plainly see.
It is of course my handprint
Which is a part of me.
It's bigger than the last one
And smaller than the next will be.
It's given to you with lots of love
From sweet and precious me!  

If your little one will only sit still for one handprint, you can still make it special by putting a heart shaped sticker in the middle of his/her hand. It will act as a stencil. The link above has an adorable poem to go with it. 

If you are REALLY brave and/or have an older child, you can make this sweet Valentine's Day tree! You paint your child's forearm and hand brown to make the tree trunk and branches. Then you let paint their fingers red/pink. The fingerprints can made to form heartshaped leaves. 

After you've painted and made a mess, it will certainly be time for some Valentine's Day stories! Here are some of our favorites: 
Where is Baby's Valentine? By Karen Katz
Happy Valentine's Day Mouse By Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton
The Story of Valentine's Day by Nancy Skarmeas and Stacy Pickett-Venturi 
A Book of Hugs by Dave Ross and Laura Rader
Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

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