Lenten Meal Plan Monday #2: A Linkup!

Woohoo! We made it through our first week of Lent. It wasn't so bad... right? How's everyone doing? What did you cook last week?

Last week was filled with lots of FISH! On Wednesday, we had fried cod as our main meal. On Friday, we had salmon and pasta with veggies. I happen to really enjoy fish so it was a nice change from the normal meat filled meals. However, I must say that Thursday became "Eatallthemeat-day". I was dying for a Bacon Cheeseburger on Friday!!

In our effort to eat more whole/paleo foods, we've been experimenting with using shredded coconut in lieu of bread crumbs. It makes things so yummy. Twice we've used it with shrimp and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. Apparently you can even use it to bread Talapia! (I definitely will be trying this on Friday.)

Well, I'd love to see what you've been cooking this Lenten season so feel free to LINK UP!

And now for the linkup!

1- Link-Up any old or new meatless meals you have posted about.
2- The hosts have the right to delete any links that are not appropriate for the linkup.
3- Feel free to embed Pinterest Recipes or Link to Recipes you have found online.
4- Feel free to just blog about what you ate or what you are planning on eating.
Have fun and have a blessed Lent!

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