7 Quick Takes: The Snow Edition

Aren't all those colors pretty?? 
Yeah, let's just hope the power stays on. 
I'm O.K. with all the snow once my family is home, safe, and sound. 

The little man has a brand spankin' new snowsuit and a sled so, we'll surely be out playing tomorrow. 

In other news, Charlie has learned to pull himself up in his Pack n Play. It is quite cute because he is just tall enough that his eyes peer over the top. I can't believe how strong and mobile he is. This momma better start workin' out! 

I'm looking forward to Spring. We are going to plan Charlie a little garden in the backyard. Any suggestions on plants? So far, we're doing cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and string beans. I'd love to do some herbs in pots closer to the house. 

I can't believe Charlie will be nine months old at the end of this month. 
Do you know what that means? I need to get him clothes that fit.

It seems that everyone enjoys buying clothes that are super small (which was great because he was a teeny weeny baby) or super big (like will fit him when he is two). 
So, those of you that scope out sales - send 'em my way.

Speaking of sales, Dwija @ House Unseen pointed me in the direction of Overstocks.com and Ebates.com the other night when I was looking for shoes for the little man. A whole new shopping world has been opened up! Shopping while saving money and getting cash back!? Why not?!

I've been doing some reading lately. So far, I've enjoyed Feeding Baby Green by Dr. Greene. I just borrowed Raising Baby Green from the library so, I'll be happy to chat about that at a later date. 

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  1. Overstocks.com is so fun and dangerous for the wallet! Hope you guys stay safe in the storm! LIPA, don't fail us!

    1. Hope you still have power over there! We are safe and warm!

  2. Happy Friday!

    Stay safe and warm with the storm!
    -I really enjoyed growing celery with my kids, it looks so magical growing straight up...