7 Quick Takes

Charlie is 9 months old today! 
I can't believe how quickly he is growing up! 
We have his 9 month visit on Monday. I can't wait to see how big he's gotten. 

It's Lent. 
It's Friday. 
I want a Bacon Cheese Burger. 
Yes, I had one yesterday but, for some reason on Fridays in Lent I crave Bacon Cheese Burgers.
If you are looking for a meatless meal idea, check out our link up!

Panera really impressed me today. 
I had a gift card from my MIL (thanks!) so, I decided to grab lunch out. 
I chose a tomato and mozzarella panini and broccoli and cheddar soup. Based on my first choice, the clerk behind the counter asked if I was choosing vegetarian options. I said yes and explained about how it is Lent and as a Catholic I abstain from meat. Interestingly, the broccoli and cheddar soup at Panera has chicken broth in it. He was concerned that I might be "sabotaging my Lent thing." 

 I've been growing garlic in my kitchen from a clove that sprouted some green. It is kind of neat to watch. It would be much more fun if Charlie were older to join in the fun. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it for the time being. I need to get some dirt soon since they have roots. 

Interested in what else you can grow from your refrigerator? Check this site out for 15 foods you can grow from scraps! 

Looking ahead to Easter, here are some natural ways to dye your eggs! 

I took Charlie to the Aquarium yesterday. He seemed to really enjoy watching the fish. I think he might have thought that the tanks were really big televisions. But, it was nice to be out of the house a bit. The Long Island Aquarium is super tiny in comparison to the Long Beach Aquarium or the Baltimore Aquarium. 

What are your thoughts on taking little ones to art museums? 
We have several nearby and the library has passes. I just don't want to offend anyone by taking Charlie. 

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  1. We have healthy tomato and pepper plants that started just by burying some seeds from peppers & tomatoes we got from the store! I think we need to try garlic. We go through enough of it!

    1. It was so easy! I couldn't believe it actually grew! I will definitely have to try tomatoes. We love them!

  2. I love growing garlic, but because I am ridiculously uncreative, it did not occur to me to grow it inside. Brilliant! I've always done it outside, which works for the six weeks of sunshine we PacNWers get, but leaves me struggling for fresh garlic most of the year :)

    1. We're growing it right on the counter (not even on the widow sill). You should be able to get it to grow rather easily!

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  4. Um, I deleted my original comment because I asked what city you were from. Duh.

    Okay, the Met is pretty great to do with children. They like the furnished rooms and the armor and musical instruments and the Egyptian artifacts (we steer clear of the mummies, though).

    MOMA is quite edgy and not as child-friendly, both the art and the patrons.

    Just my very amateur opinion!