We've Moved!

This Saturday it will be official. We have moved from Astoria to Fresh Meadows. We are still in Queens but, this area is much more residential and suburban. Our new apartment is bright, sunny, and very close to several large parks. We are grateful for all of those that helped us and provided us with boxes. Who knew in such a short time we would accumulate so much stuff!

The Lake
On our first weekend in our new home we took a walk through one of the larger parks and enjoyed the lake, turtles, and ducks. There were elderly Italian men playing bocce and several families enjoying a picnic. People were even fishing!

Our Front Yard
I have started running through the park in the afternoons when I am home from school. I am looking forward to relaxing by the lake in the summer months.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I may try to do the bike tour they are hosting.  We shall see...

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