Can you imagine??

For those of you out there that have encountered storm devastation you can relate:

Our school is linked to several other schools in the area. One of the schools nearby is closing in the Fall. They have already broken the news to the families and faculty members. Due to the amount of rain we have had over the past week, their school is literally falling down. Therefore, the students and faculty will relocate to our building for the next week. God willing they will return to their building after Memorial Day.

This morning the "Little People" arrived. Reactions from our students included, "Miss, this is like living in Gulliver's Travels!". It is very different having little people around because their reaction to the world around them is so different. Things like an automatic paper towel dispenser intrigue them. They are afraid that the toilet might eat them. They walk through the halls with their quiet finger over their mouths. Several Freshmen have declared, "THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE!". 

I am glad we were able to open our school to these students and their faculty. We are lucky enough to have a building that can withstand rain storms and have a few extra classrooms to accommodate them. It is a nice experience for our students to be able to help with the preparations and see that little things can make a big difference in the lives of those around them.

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