How many Greeks does it take to fix a door?

So, our landlords are Greek. By Greek, I mean REALLY Greek. So, when we had to have our door fixed (it wouldn't close well), we had two Greek contractors come to the apartment. I was the only one home. It was our landlady and her husband, two Greek contractors, and I. I understood two words - catastrophe and WD - 40. Apparently, they use WD -40 to fix everything from a troubled door to the flu. My landlady thought this whole scenario was quite hilarious and was wondering, "How many Greeks does it take to fix a door?"

I often feel like I am living in My Big Fat Greek Wedding but, it is quite hilarious. Yesterday, she offered us the use of the front yard for any BBQs we  may feel like having. I am wondering what her idea of a BBQ is. I have absolutely no intentions of putting an animal on a stick and roasting it in the yard but, some chicken cutlets on the BBQ might be nice. (First, we need to get a BBQ.)

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