Summer Picnic

Today, we are having a picnic for some of the students from a club at school. I think the faculty is more excited about the picnnic then the kids. I find it interesting that many of them have no understanding of what a picnic is.

Where I grew up, we had picnics...It was always exciting to eat sandwiches outside and play games with eachother. As a wedding gift, we got a real picnic basket. (Unfortunately, it resides at my parents house right now.)

For our picnic today, we have a cooler, a drink cooler, a folding chair and a folding table. Some of the kids brought snacks. I am going to run out during lunch and grab some watermelon and drink mix. It should be a bunch of fun.

When I was thinking about this picnic, I couldn't help but remember the picnic in Anne of Green Gables. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I loved they wonderful dresses they wore and the the excitement they had over things like lemonade and ice cream.

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