7 Quick Takes

This week has been a doozie.
I'm super glad it's Friday. 
(Anyone remember TGIF that included shows like Family matters and Step by Step?)
Anyway,tomorrow the hubby will be helping out at a mock trial tournament for one of the local Catholic schools. 
Then we're off to enjoy a super early St. Patrick's Day dinner with friends. 

I finished a prayer shawl for our family friend. 

Last Saturday at 3 am, her son was hit by a tractor trailer while crossing the street by his apartment in Manhattan. He is still in critical condition. While the prognosis is bleak, they are still praying for a miracle.

Please join us in praying for her son. 

I'm really craving the beach, the waves, and the summer.
I can't wait. 


I'm soaking in the quiet...
Charlie is napping...

There is nothing like fresh ground coffee. 
Yes, it is decaf. So, no, according to your definition it is probably not "real" coffee. 
But, it is so yummy. 

Why do I always crave a bacon cheeseburger on Fridays in Lent?? 
I have to thank the mom that posted about her kids eating in n out on Twitter because I'd love some animal style fries... 
There aren't any in n outs on the East Coast. 
I may just have to settle for Shake Shack since I have a gift card. 
Someone once said Five Guys is similar to in n out but, I don't entirely agree. 

These were quick and truly random but, that's what makes this fun!
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  1. I was having fun reading your QT's until I got to #6 - that was a mean trick, girl. Do not post those kind of pics on a Friday! ;-)

    But in seriousness, prayers to your friend's son.

  2. #6: Five Guys isn't like In N'Out. The burgers at Five Guys are more like you'd find at a sit-down restaurant and the fries aren't that good. In N' Out is it's own thing.