Five Favorites

I'm linking up with Hallie Lord at Moxie Wife. She has a new link up that features your five favorite things. Seems like a fun way to use my time while the little guy is napping. 
These adorable pictures that Kate of Kate Marie Photography took earlier this week. I can't wait to see the rest. She was great with Charlie, super easy to work with, came to my house, and  is super talented. (Can you tell I loved her?!) 

My brother was made an acolyte on Sunday at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. He is experiencing all of the conclave hullabaloo first hand. They have 9 U.S. Cardinals staying with them at the moment. 

Peanut butter cup brownies....YUM! 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish - Strobe Light 
The last time I had sparkly toes was just before giving birth to Charlie. This week during one of his naps I decided I would break out the sparkles because they make me happy! 

Cloth wipes/cloth napkins from Mamamade. They keep me from having to buy endless disposable napkins. Charlie loves to "paint" himself with his food. These make my life so much easier. I'd love to find the time to make some more.  


  1. Oh my goodness! Charlie is such a cutie pie!!! And I love the name. Our little guy (due in 3 weeks, give or take) is a Charlie, too. :)

    1. Thank you! Charlie is a family name on the hubby's side of the family. Can't wait to see photos of your little guy!

  2. Pretty nails! And one of my current associate pastors was educated at that college! Amazing achievement. Thank your brother for me.

  3. Your brother? Yeah, that's cool!

    So is that nail polish!

    And is your Charlie a Charles?

    1. Yes, he is officially a Charles. Although I think the only time I've used "Charles" was at his Baptism. lol

  4. My son is a Charles too! We call him Joe (his middle name is Joseph), because my husband is Charlie, and Chip and Chuck have been taken by his dad and grandfather.
    I LOVE the name Charlie though!!!!
    The nail polish is so fun!
    Those napkins are adorable. I'm going to check them out right now.

    1. My hubby goes by his middle name for a similar reason. Aren't the napkins great?!

  5. I used cloth diapers and wipes, and I'm here to tell you it's great. Smart, smart, smart is what you are!

    Charlie--SUCH a cute pic!

    Acolyte...Rome...Conclave... I have no words!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I haven't quite gotten on the wipes for wipes..I primarily just use them for eating purposes. lol