37 weeks 5 days...

This is an update just for our loyal reader who reminded me that I didn't post on Friday as I usually do. (Sorry dear!)

Tuesday brought the usual doctor's appointment only this time our little one decided to flip around. As of Friday morning he is breech. So, our doctor said if he doesn't flip around by 40 weeks I'll have to have a c-section. However, our little one is 6lbs 3oz and happy as clam. According to the sonographer, he has a full head of hair! The hubby couldn't be happier about the little one's hair. Friday was the last hospital sonogram before our little one's arrival.

Next trip to the hospital = game time!

Saturday was our last formal outing without our little one. One of my coworkers had a Communion party for her son at a catering hall in Howard Beach. It was fun to get dressed up and go out. I think the most entertaining part for me was wearing the dress I wore for our engagement party. I am so grateful for stretchy fabric!

I decided that this coming Friday would be my last day at work. I initially thought I would work right up until the 18th but, the hubby's last day at his job is the 11th and I REALLY don't want to have to commute by myself. (I wouldn't be able to take the HOV lane and therefore it would increase my commute in the mornings by at least 30 min!)

On Friday, I met with the leave replacement and it seems like she is ready to go. She will be around the building this coming week to proctor AP exams so, she will get to know the lay of the land a little better. She is the parent of a former student and has taught math in middle school for about 25 years. This will be her first experience with high school kids.

My students are so concerned that she will "mess with my stuff" and "be all up in my space" but, as I am trying to tell them. It is O.K. and I gave her permission to be there. She is "doing me a favor" and they should treat her nicely. We'll see what happens...

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